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My work is a quest, a personal search for identity. The variety of my work shows that multiple identities may exist in the same artist.


The colors have their own language. Juxtaposed, superimposed, transparent, opaque, they express emotions, feelings, dreams and impressions.

The ford is a shallow place where you can cross a river without getting wet, it is inevitable to go his way, no stop there can be long. Fords are memories of intense emotion experienced during my child walks. A game, a little challenge, which was that of jumping from one stone to another quickly or quietly observing the transparency and speed variables watercourses; reach the other side still too far without tripping became a goal to explore the other shore! I keep these moments a sense of freedom and intense happiness I want to express through the colours in simple and spacious compositions.

Beyond, the ford symbolizes the transition of all life stages.


I am deeply attached to a figurative representation of my subjects, often women, which gives me the freedom to invent, to create these imaginary and perceptibly different figures.

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